Welcome to Casa de Beverley!

Our Mission:

Casa de Beverley believes art is necessary, artists deserve to be valued and everyone should have equal access to the creation process.  

We endeavor to build and nurture a global community that values creativity, life-long learning and a spirit of inclusivity, all while helping each individual artist grow.

We do this by curating, producing and marketing events for and with  a  diverse assortment of emerging and established artists, both in-person and virtually, now nationwide!


Want to be a part of creating what’s next? Tell us a bit about yourself here….  

Past Events Have Included:

  • theater performances
  • writing workshops
  • yoga workshops and classes
  • healthy living groups
  • guided meditation sessions
  • personal and business development coaching
  • guest lectures
  • studies in applied sensuality and sexuality.

We hope to see you soon!