Interview with Jacqui Lynch



Season Three starts this Saturday at 6pm, and to celebrate, we’re interviewing the playwrights in the reading. Here, Jacqui Lynch talks about her play Nurses.


Interview Conducted by: Natalie Osborne


How did you hear about One Acts and Snacks?


I look into a blog called NYC Playwrights about once a week for postings that interest me.  I really liked the ‘salon’ aspect of Katie’s/Casa de Beverley’s events and the community feel to it.


Can you tell me more about your play? What was your inspiration? Why did you select this piece for the reading?


This summer I gave myself the task of coming up with a hundred ideas from which I could possibly write.  My initial idea was to write 50 on the way to the beach, take a break and enjoy the waves and then write 50 more on the way back. I only  managed 25 in each direction so I had to go to the beach a second time! The idea for ‘Nurses’ came from one of those – closer to a hundred than to 1. It started as two friends leaving work together everyday and then evolved into a story of two friends and their conflicting ideas of how they see each other’s lives and what they think is best for each other, instigated by their own period of self doubt.  It’s two friends being very intimate with their opinions of each other, and I thought sharing it in such an intimate setting would be an appealing first read.


Out of all the ideas you came up with while walking to the beach, what made you stick with the idea for Nurses?


About a week later, I sat down and made myself write down all the ones I could remember without looking and “Nurses” was the first one.


Was there anything else that inspired you while you were working on this piece? 


Yes.  I have a few people in my life that I’ve been friends with for a very long time.  I wanted this play to reflect what a long term friendship relationship is like.


Do you have a favorite playwright or writers who’s work you return to for inspiration? 


My favorite playwright is Beckett, but my favorite writer for inspiration is Jennifer Saunders.  Specifically her book “Bonkers My Life in Laughs.”  There’s something about it that makes me think, I could be a writer.  Sure!


What are your goals for the reading?


I’m interested in hearing how people react to the journey of the friendship and if it rings true.


What are you most looking forward to? What are you most nervous about?


What I’ve learned about the writing process is that when you conceive your play you think it’s a great idea and people will relate to it, and then there is a period where you can’t believe you ever thought you should let it out of your head and into the world, and then that passes and you’re excited for people to see it again.  Even though I know that’s the pattern, I wonder if I’m the only one who will relate to it, and even if that is the case, I am looking forward to conversing with the  audience about their thoughts.


What advice would you give to playwrights who might be interested in joining One Acts and Snacks?


Anything you’re interested in you should follow through on.  I’ve always had ideas, but to get it out of the house takes perseverance, and maybe even a new set of skills.  This year for me has been about that. And it’s been completely worth it!   One Acts and Snacks is a really supportive community, very welcoming, and very high on theater!



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