Sisterhood In The Time of the Apocalypse

Casa playwright Kendra Augustin discusses her new play Found a Friend.  Interview by Natalie Osborne

Q: How did you hear about One Acts and Snacks?

A: A Facebook post. Probably on The Official Playwrights of Facebook page in early 2015.

Q: Can you tell me more about your play?

A: Found A Friend is about two sisters who have been apart for about a decade who finally come back together on the last day of the world.

Q: What was your inspiration?

A: I was watching a movie a few years ago, loved the title, super excited to see it, and was disappointed that it turned into a love story. I thought if the world was ending, what would it be like to reconnect with a family member you haven’t seen in forever? I remember watching the movie thinking about if they had any siblings, or parents to meet on the last day of the world. I don’t think it’s a time to fall in love. At least not with someone new.  Maybe an old crush or flame.

Q: There are so many movies and tv shows with the end of the world as their premise. Why do you think that is?

A: I like to think it’s because so many of us live our lives afraid to do anything or say anything grand that we wonder what if we didn’t have to be grand? What if something grand (like the world coming to an end)  forced us to just talk to one another? The world ends when you  break up or when someone you care about dies and it seems that’s when many of us finally decide to share our hearts.

Q:  What about the end of the world draws you in?

A: I remember somewhere (Tumblr) where someone posted that the world ending is like God being fair. One of the scary things about death is that you’re kind of in it alone. And it’s unexpected. But if the whole world ends it’s no longer just you and you have time to absorb it. You are now connected to everyone. There is no, “What if I don’t get to live my life to the full?” because there is no future to look forward to. Comforting I think.

Q: What about sisters as opposed to other family relationships or friendships draws you in?

A: One of the first plays I wrote was also about the end of the world, but with friends. I hadn’t watched it at the time but Melancholia (Lars von trier’s film) was coming out and I thought the imagery (Tumblr posts) were lovely and dreamy. And I had just discovered The Ropes (and their song “I Don’t Like To Get Dirty”) and I was inspired to write.

But, seriously, after watching that movie with the good title, I was like, I kept thinking  about her mom? Or sister? And why she was falling in love with some dude.

I feel, in real life, so many of us are somewhat estranged from family members, but when it comes down to it, sometimes, we don’t have to be. If we were just willing to be vulnerable and soft, many wounds could be healed. But, it’s so scary. Plus, I liked the idea of two women who could be friends, but have a deeper bond by being related by blood. If the world is going to end maybe you want to spend it with that sister who you haven’t spoken to in years because you’re mad she…left/moved away/hurt you. Underneath pain sometimes is just a person who feels unloved (by the person they love!)

Q: What advice would you give to playwrights who might be interested in joining One Acts and Snacks?

A: Come to an event. Check it out. I’ve met many a great folk through it. Plus, food.

Come See Found a Friend October 15th at Casa de Beverley! Purchase tickets here.

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