Purging Old Issues; An Interview with Jodi Leidecker


Jodie Leidecker discusses her play I Join A Mental Institution and Have Fun! Premiering this Saturday at Casa de Beverley’s One Acts and Snacks!

Q: How did you hear about One Acts and Snacks?

A: I found this group on NYCP blogspot. It has great opportunities and I’ve had other small productions through that site.

Q: Can you tell me more about your play? What was your inspiration? Why did you select this piece for the reading?

A: I wrote a memoir (that isn’t very good and didn’t get published!), and I took a chapter and made it into this short play about my time being treated for depression as a teenager. It helped me purge some old issues, plus I think the main character exhibits the love of the absurd bordering cynicism that is a hallmark of my family’s way dealing with life. I submitted three plays and Katie selected this one. I was glad because it’s never been performed.

Q: What are your goals for the reading?

A: I want to see if the jokes would work or fall flat. Also, I wonder if it’s too busy, with all the action in the background with the main character narrating and interacting with other characters at the same time.

Q: What are you most looking forward to? What are you most nervous about?

A: I am looking forward to seeing how the actors breathe life into my ideas. I find it fascinating how different people bring such variety to stories-how they think about delivering lines. I’m nervous it will be a big disaster and I’ll have to slink out of Brooklyn under cover of dark of night, never to touch fingertip to keyboard again…and that I’ll end up living in a dumpster, that climate change is irreversible. I know that might not all be related to this play.

Q: What advice would you give to playwrights who might be interested in joining One Acts and Snacks?

A: I would say just try it. I have been met with a high level of professionalism and dedication. The people involved are serious about producing art. Isn’t that cool?

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