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     Normally at this time I would be deep in the throes of event planning and organizing the upcoming season of One Acts and Snacks. After 3 fantastic seasons, including our first All-Female Playwright Extravaganza last year, the Casa has gone on the road — literally! Click here for a peak in at our road trip cross country and our Ridiculous Party in Hungary.  If you’ve been a guest at the Casa over the past three years you will immediately recognize Sabrina, last seen getting belly-rubs in the audience of One Acts, and Ninja and Peanut Butter, more stealthy but also known to show up on stage or an actors lap halfway thru the show!

     We miss our beloved Casa community and so we are actively working on the next iteration of One Acts and Snacks. We hope it takes the form of something for everyone, no matter what coast you’re on.

In the meantime, there is no lack of  opportunities on either coast!
Below are 4 of many, many more: 2 for East and 2 for West 🙂

1 –> Manhattan: Attend!

The WorkShop Theater presents Sundays@Six: free, sit-down readings of new and revisited scripts by company playwrights and of projects initiated by company artists. Most of the readings are followed by a moderated dramaturgical discussion. Next Sunday, September 10th is En Passant by Tony Sportiello, which just happens to be set in the San Fernando Valley! How’s that for New York/California connectivity?! More info at:

2 –> Brooklyn: Participate!

Recently featured by Worksbywomen.orgGold No Trade is a Brooklyn based company that supports women in the arts by creating strong and nuanced female characters and offering women an important role behind the scenes in production, play-writing and company management. They recently enjoyed a sold out run ofThe Subtle Body at 59E59 Theaters. To find out how you can be a part of Gold No Trade’s next project join their mailing list or find them on Facebook here.

3 –> San Francisco: Write!

Playwrights Center of San Francisco was established in 1980 as a forum for playwrights to get together and hear their work read. (Sound familiar?! :-D) The mission of the The Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco (PCSF) is to encourage and develop local playwrights and promote script writing, audience development, and related arts. Over the last 30 years it has grown to a membership organization that offers a number of successful programs that offer support and feedback to new and experienced playwrights alike and provides opportunities for actors and directors as well. Playwrights can find submission guidelines here.


4–> San Jose: Support!

Teatro Visión is a Chicanx theater company with more than three decades of service to the community. Their work amplifies the voices of Latinxs, creates a dignified and empowering sense of identity, inspires action, builds respect and understanding, and explores the social and psychological experiences of Latinxs. They are committed to nurturing the next generation of community leaders and cultural ambassadors. Along with their regular schedule, they are currently working on a very special new work, born of a year-long search for local stories.

Obviously this doesn’t cover all the boroughs in NYC of all the cities in the Bay Area. And, unless you’re one of those bi-coastal folks we all so admire, you may not be able to get to more than 2. Pass the info on to someone you know out on that other coast! And let us know what you’re looking forward to in your city so we can feature it in our next update!

XOXO from Coast to Coast!


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