Introducing Casa de Beverley’s Community Info Forum

As a member of the Casa Community – That is, anyone who has written, read, directed, managed, volunteered or attended a show! – you have access to free marketing and publicity to share your own events with the Casa de Beverley network via our bimonthly newsletter.

We will send out a form via email on a bimonthly basis. Once you send it in, we will create an I.M.P. <“Individualized Marketing Plan”> Just For YOU!

Continue reading below for examples of how you might want to use this opportunity to share your next event with the Casa de Beverley Community!

Email us here to request the latest form.

Below are some examples of how you might share your event:

1) Kelly in SF:

Kelly had a one time weekend workshop that she hoped would become a regular event.  She filled out the form  for the current event and mentioned  the “future possibilities” in the Additional Info section. From this, we were able to create an I.M.P. <Individualized Marketing Plan> that would:

  • Promote her current workshop on both Facebook and Twitter:
  • Brag about her past successes and possible future opportunities in our Official Casa de Beverley Newsletter.
  • Post photos from this event to our Instagram to encourage future attendance.

2) Christopher in NYC

Chris was in a show running in Brooklyn from March 14th to April 16th. Even though this run started before and ended after the dates on the form, Chris included it because it ran during the requested time (in this case, March 15-30th.) Chris’s I.M.P. <Individualized Marketing Plan> included:

  • Publication of all the dates of the entire run in the March 15th Official Casa de Beverley Newsletter.
  • Shoutouts on Facebook and Twitter each Wednesday before the weekend with ticket links to help folks plan their weekend.
  • Reminder out to Chris to submit the April form for continued marketing opportunities throughout the run.

3) Genevieve in LA (Formerly NYC)

Gen was a former audience member who was inspired to start writing after attending a show.  She shared that her play was accepted into a local fringe festival outside Los Angeles.  Since she was recently accepted but the festival wasn’t for a few months her I.M.P. <Individualized Marketing Plan> included:

  • Shoutout and Congrats in the Official Casa de Beverley Newsletter.
  • Opportunity to share photos from the event, as well as any rehearsals or prep on Instagram.
  • Reminder out to Gen to fill out the August form to share ticket info and help folks nearby plan to attend.

There are many other ways we might publicize and market your event. Get in touch with us using the form above to learn more.

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