Marketing Because Art Matters

Choosing an artists’ life doesn’t mean choosing to go it on your own….

Why Art?

Once upon a time you chose to be an artist. When and how you did this is different for everyone. However, one thing that is the same for everyone is that an artists’ life can feel like a solitary endeavor. It can feel like it’s up to you to do everything, including imagine, create and even get the word out about your art piece via marketing that is, at best, overwhelming, and, at worst, inauthentic. What if it didn’t have to be this way?

Recently in our social media marketing I’ve included a few posts from sages of various disciplines. Dan Rather, Terrence McNally and a even a site called have posted pieces detailing why, in their view, art matters.

I’ve included these pieces not only  to highlight our own “why”: Why does Casa de Beverley want to use its social media platform to publicize, market and drive more attention towards not just our own events but yours as well?

First, Our Gratitude:

Before we get into our “why”, I want to first thank those of you who have participated in this new marketing initiative these past few months.

Right now we are gathering data in order to know the exact impact we have had driving audience to your shows and individual feeds. So far the written and verbal feedback I have gotten has been positive, so I’m looking forward to discovering our total impact when we crunch the numbers.

We continue to build this free service for Casa de Beverley community members. More than just posts on social media, I am looking forward to launching video and long-form interviews with you, our dedicated community members, so that everyone across the country can benefit from the knowledge and experience we collectively have. So Thank You!

Why We Love Marketing YOU:

1) Because Community is Necessary:

As TRG Arts CEO Jill Robinson says, “[art] opens us to experiences different from our own—pasts and futures we’ll never experience in our lifetimes. It opens us to compassion. It opens us to dialogue, new ideas, and new understanding.” When Casa de Beverley was producing One Acts and Snacks in Brooklyn, we hosted that dialogue in person. Now, as a nationwide, mostly virtual home, we realize it’s important to expand that dialogue.

2) Because Our World Is Changing:

Constance Grady’s piece in VOX underlines the inescapable connection theater has with the political climate. Over 3 seasons of hosting live events highlighted how much there is to be gained from gathering diverse folks together, encouraging conversation and sharing in the creation of something new. By supporting you virtually we keep to our original mission of nurturing a community of artists and being a positive force in the world.

3) The Business of Art:

While it may not necessarily be the case that “we absolutely suck at persuasion,” it is a daunting fact, especially as individual artists, to realize that “the scarcest resource of the 21st century has become human attention.” As a member of your extended community, Casa de Beverley will partner with you, to help with everything that goes along with being an independent, entrepreneurial artist. We focus on content marketing, SEO, social media planning, in order to let you focus on the fun (and most important) part: creating art for a better world!

What’s Next:

As I mentioned above, I’m so excited to have plans moving towards more audio and visual content. Our foundation is supporting the hard work you do each day, making sure you know you have a place you belong and that you can come home to. Our future together is one of co-creation; truly it will be up to all of us collectively, to grow, create and nurture art in a world that can be harsh. We will do this together so that we can all find more ease as we sit back, relax and enjoy each show!

You can be a part of this, and take advantage of free marketing for community members by signing up here!